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Hi all!  I just joined this community! 
My name is Vickie, and I will be getting married in Palmer Lake, Colorado  in April of 2007!

Nov. 9th, 2006

I ordered my dress on Saturday! I'm so excited! The first time I tried it on all the pictures came out blurry and there weren't any good enough to post :( This time I had a photographer friend come along, so I got some really great pictures :)

I ordered the Maggie Sottero "Barcelona" in Diamond White with pewter accents (the lace detail is all accented with pewter). I originally tried on a size 14 that fit perfectly, but 15lbs later I'm a perfect size 12!

Here are pictures of stuff we're working on, and links to some of our vendors.

I'm getting married August 4th, 2007 in Thornton, CO.

(10+ of pictures behind the cut)

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Hi Everyone!

Unfortunately my husband and I didn't have our wedding out here in Colorado. However we enjoyed planning ours so much that we've decided to start gathering information to start up an all-inclusive wedding business...down the road. My husband has a lot of music experience and I have a love for photography, decorating and coordinating. This will include lots of research, which I'm gladly doing. :D Anyways, I'll post here what I find. Please feel free to let me know if you have had any experiences with the companies that I find (good or bad), because I feel the best advise / recommendations come from the couples that have actually worked with vendors. I know we learned quite a bit working with our vendors in Minnesota.

Last week I found a website for planning your wedding in Colorado and signed up for information. This weekend I got 2 postcard advertisements: Sensational Sound LLC ( http://www.sensationalsoundsdj.com ) and Elegant Beginnings ( http://www.myelegantbeginnings.com ). On the back of the DJ postcard is an ad for a planning resource for southern Colorado weddings ( http://www.southerncoloradoweddings.com ). The Elegant Beginnings looks like a venue in Colorado Springs. Anyways, if you know / have any experience with these, let me know.

One recommendation I DO have is Ken Miller in Boulder, CO ( http://www.kenmillerphotography.com ). He did our engagement pictures about a year ago and did a really excellent job. We took him up to Pinecliff and then we went to the CU-Boulder campus for more pictures. ...he even got pictures of our dog. He spent about 2 hours with us and only charged us $75 + $10 for a CD with all of our pictures to get printed wherever we wanted. I don't know what he's charging now, but he's been shooting weddings for quite awhile. He quoted us $1200 (+ travel expenses) to shoot our wedding in Minnesota.

We used this one for our "Save-the-dates". It's on a bridge on the CU-Boulder campus.

More engagement pics, taken by Ken Miller.Collapse )


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